Molly Briggs

Youth Services Librarian for Marion County Library in Palmyra, MO

Bachelor of Arts in English

Please describe your position and what you enjoy most about it.

I oversee library programming and resources for patrons ages 0-17 and their caregivers. I plan and provide weekly story time programs that encourage literacy development in young children, partner with local schools to provide monthly library trips for their classes, oversee the development of our collection of materials for young people, and plan our annual Summer Reading Program.

What aspects of your HLGU experience helped you prepare for your career?

I learned all about major literary periods and movements, as well as literary elements and literary theory. This helps me as I develop our Youth Services collection and provide reader’s advisory to patrons.

I also received an excellent education in written and oral communication, which serves me frequently in a position where I interact often with the public.

My time in both my major courses and the HLGU Honors Program helped me develop my critical thinking skills, which is vital to any position in life.

What have you enjoyed most about your career?

I majored in English because I was a bookworm growing up. Reading was my favorite thing to do and nothing excited me quite like literature. My favorite part of my job is helping develop this passion in young people. Whether it’s a four year old who comes to weekly Story Times or a teenager who can’t get enough of their favorite series; it brings me so much joy to help them develop that passion and build a relationship with them.

How did HLGU shape you as a person?

HLGU helped me learn to think for myself and helped me build my faith and relationship with Christ. I can think of multiple professors who helped develop my critical thinking skills, while simultaneously helping me learn more about who Christ is and how to serve him. Those are invaluable lessons that I know I’ll remember forever. I can remember multiple things professors said that have stuck with me and impacted my faith and I’m so grateful for that!

What HLGU professors played a part in your success? How did your relationship with faculty help you succeed?

In my major courses, I enjoyed learning from Ms. Henry and Mrs. Wallace. They are both very knowledgeable in their subject areas but were at the same time so friendly, approachable, and accommodating.

I also enjoyed learning from Dr. Swisher and Dr. Turner in my elective courses for the same reasons. One of the things I love most about HLGU is that the faculty are so competent in their fields but genuinely care for each of their students and strive to build relationships with them.

Please list any scholarships, honors, or awards you received as an undergraduate or graduate.

I was a member of the HLGU Honors Program, Alpha Chi Honor Society, and graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Do you have any tips to share with students interested in this field?

Go for it! I think there is such a discouragement to study humanities today, but it was an invaluable experience and so much more than just reading books and learning about the history of the English language. Studying the humanities teaches you about critical thinking, and it teaches you about people. In my opinion, studying literature, history, or something similar, ties the threads of humanity together and we discover that through the ages we are all the same: flawed people wandering our temporary dwelling in need of a Savior to give us a home. The story of humanity is beautiful and I learned more about it through my studies.

HLGU’s motto is “knowledge for service.” What roles have these values played in your life?

As a follower of Christ, my number one goal is to serve him. HLGU helped me learn how. So many people at HLGU helped me develop my love for Christ and my desire to serve him and serve others in love.