Honors Program

The HLGU Honors Program has been established with three main goals:

  • To provide gifted, curious, and highly-motivated students opportunities to continue to develop their intellectual acumen both inside and outside the classroom, approaching each and every subject from a distinctively Christian perspective
  • To build a community of like-minded students both through curricular and extra-curricular activities like our regular honors coffee hour and special evening events
  • To enrich student’s time here at HLGU as you excel in the classroom and exercise leadership

The HLGU Honors community sponsors academic and social events throughout each semester. In class and through these events, honors students get to know one another and share in rich experiences which they will remember for the rest of their lives. The Honors Community is a campus leader in enhancing the life of the mind at HLGU.

While current and transfer students will be considered for admission to the Honors Program, priority consideration is given to first-time freshmen who apply by the March 31. Others will be considered for any spaces that remain after that date.

Student applications are reviewed by the Honors Admissions Committee and recommendations made with regard to admission on a rolling application basis, with applicants being informed as soon as possible after the review has been completed. Part of the review involves consideration of a student’s ability to complete the curriculum in light of their major and/or transfer credit.

There are 24 semester hours required to complete the Honors Program. Most courses also fulfill general education requirements. The final honors course is a 3-hour senior research seminar focused on a capstone project or paper that will be presented at the annual Honors Colloquium.

Admissions Requirement:

  • Must have a 26 ACT Composite Score (or the SAT or CLT equivalent)
  • Must be an admitted to HLGU
  • Must submit an application essay
  • Must submit a letter of recommendation from a faculty member, administrator, or pastor

Transfer or Current HLGU Students:

  • Must have a 3.6 CGPA if an ACT or equivalent score is not used
  • To allow completion of the program, applicants should be sophomores or freshman.[1]
  • Must be interviewed by a member of the honors committee
[1] Juniors who desire to enter the program will be considered on a case-by-case basis and should consult with the director or assistant director prior to applying.

To apply, please submit the following:

  • Online Application and Essay
    Your essay should be 5-7 paragraphs addressing the following questions from a Christian perspective: if you could spend the next four years investigating a specific question or solving a particular problem, what would it be and why? This must be submitted along with your online application. You are encouraged to compose your essay using a word processing form, then paste your essay into the application form online.
  • Letter of Recommendation
    Have the person recommending you email their letter of recommendation directly to the Honors Program Director.

Honors Scholarship: students admitted to the honors program may apply for the honors scholarship of $1,000 per semester in addition to any other financial aid awards they are offered through the university. Application for this scholarship must be made annually and differs from the honors application one must fill out to be admitted to the program. A link for this application is available on the HLGU Honors web page here.

For More Information

To learn more about the Honors Program, contact Amanda Henry, Director of the Honors Program, or 573-629-3040.