Free Society

The Free Society programming at Hannibal-LaGrange University is focused on promoting the ideals of a free society. We focus on three foundations of a free society, which are democratic form of government, free market economic systems, and cultural institutions, like the church. The speakers we bring to campus and events we host emphasize concepts within these three foundations, often viewing them through the lens of a Biblical worldview, which is central to the mission of Hannibal-LaGrange University.

Free Society programming offers a scholarship for incoming and current students studying Business. One student from each class is selected each year to receive the $3,000 scholarship. Scholars are required to attend all Free Society events and give input and feedback on speakers. Events are free to the public and beneficial to all students studying Business.

For more information on how to apply for the Free Society Scholarship contact

Free Society events are made possible and in partnership with the Moorman Foundation.

Upcoming Events

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January 31 • 6pm • Parker Theatre

12x All-American and 5x SEC Champion Riley Gaines, former NCAA swimmer for the University of Kentucky, will be speaking at Hannibal-LaGrange University about her experience in women's sports. Riley is an advocate for equality and safety for female athletes.

Riley Gaines is a leader defending women’s single-sex spaces, advocating for equality and fairness, and standing up for women’s safety, privacy, and equal opportunities.

Gaines graduated from the University of Kentucky, where she was a 12x All-American swimmer.

Riley has made waves for speaking out after tying UPenn’s Lia Thomas, a biological male swimmer on the women’s team, at the 2022 NCAA Division 1 Women’s Swimming & Diving Championships.

After Riley directly experienced competing against a man in women’s sports, being forced without warning or consent to undress before the fully intact male, and subjected to discrimination by the NCAA, she became one of the most powerful voices to speak out against the injustice, challenging the rules of the NCAA, USA Swimming, International Olympic Committee (IOC), and other governing bodies.

Riley now works for the leading women’s organization making real and lasting change, legally defining ‘woman,’ protecting Title IX, and defending women’s rights to single-sex spaces and equal opportunities. She has traveled the country speaking and has testified before the U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and countless state legislatures.

The event will be held in the Parker Theatre in the Roland Fine Arts Center at 7pm on Wednesday, January 31. The event is free, but tickets are required. Click to the button below to get your tickets or call 573-629-3260.


Free Society U Podcast

The Free Society U podcast is an opportunity for to have a deeper conversation with our guests on a variety of topics that may come up during their presentation. The casual layout allows the speakers to share more details about their perspective on encouraging a free society.

You can find the episodes on the Free Society YouTube page.

Upcoming Events

Spring Semester 2024

  • Attorney General Andrew Bailey – TBD
  • Alexander Mallory – TBD

Past Events

Fall Semester 2023

  • Dirk Deaton – Constitution Day – 9/21/2023
  • Free Society Movie Night – The Hong Konger – 0/2/2023
  • Dr. Tawni Ferrarini – “Democratic Socialism versus Capitalism”
    Free Society Speaker Series – 11/9/2023

Spring Semester 2023

  • Free Society Event: Finance Feud – 3/6/2023
  • Free Society Movie Night – The Birth of Freedom – 3/7/2023
  • Dr. Tawni Ferrarini  – Free Society Speaker Series – 3/23/2023
  • Free Society Reading Group – 3/26/2023
  • Free Society Scholarship Presentations – 4/17/2023
  • Yeonmi Park – Free Society Speaker Series – 4/25/2023

Fall Semester 2022

  • Tri-State Development Summit at Culver Stockton College – 9/16/2022
  • Dr. Doug Richey – Constitution Day –  9/19/2022
  • Cindy O’Laughlin – Free Society Speaker Series – 10/11/2022
  • Free Society Movie Night – Poverty Inc. – 11/7/2022
  • Free Society Reading Group – 11/20/2022

Spring Semester 2022

  • Rachel Ferguson – “Black Liberation Through the Marketplace”
    Free Society Speaker Series – 2/22/2022
  • Scott Hall & Kayla Meier – Free Society Foundations Lecture – 3/3/2022
  • Free Society Reading Group – 3/5/2022
  • James Whitford – “The Pervasive Problem of Misguided Compassion” –
    Free Society Speaker Series –3/22/2022
  • Hannah Stolze – Free Society Speaker Series – 4/18/2022
  • Cassidy Winters – Free Society Speaker Series – 4/22/2022

Fall Semester 2021

  • Jeffery J. Ventrella – Constitution Day Speaker Series –  9/7/2021
  • David Roland – Constitution Day Speaker Series – 9/16/2021
  • Free Society Movie Night (10/26/2021) – “What is an Entrepreneur?”, “The Conditions for Entrepreneurship” and “The Impact of Entrepreneurship”.
  • Free Society Reading Group – 11/6/2021
  • Scott Hall – “Does the Bible Teach Socialism?” – Free Society Lecture – 11/19/2021

For more information about Free Society or the Speaker Series at HLGU, email or call 573-629-3260.