Jordan Argo ’08

Web Content Manager at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, AR

Bachelor of Science in Communication Arts

Please describe your position and what you enjoy most about it.

A web content manager is exactly what it sounds like… I manage content on the web for Henderson State University. This encompasses all social media as well as the University’s website. The job offers a lot of variety, which is the aspect I love most about my position. In a day, I could cover anything from making a small edit to the website to helping create a video with the chancellor to creating social media ads that pop up on your phone right after you talk about it.

What aspects of your HLGU experience helped you prepare for your career?

Hannibal-LaGrange gave me a swift kick in the butt during my first semester. It quickly made me aware that I would not be able to sleepwalk through college or life. Thanks to that kick, I, for the most part, don’t go into things half-heartedly, including my career. I also stay aware of changes occurring within marketing and communications, so not to fall behind or “sleepwalk.”

Have you or are you currently continuing your education? If so, please list the institution(s) and degree(s) you earned or are working toward.

I received my Master of Science in Sport Administration from Henderson State University in 2018.

How did HLGU shape you as a person?

HLGU gave me opportunities to create long lasting friendships with fellow Christians and serve through missions, DNow’s (Disciple Now) and more. These opportunities allowed me to grow in my faith and demonstrated the importance of showing God’s love to everyone, no matter how uncomfortable or hard it may be. The spiritual growth I experienced at HLGU continues to bleed over to present day as I serve within my church and community. Receiving a college degree was an important accomplishment in my life, but attending a university that provides and encourages spiritual growth is what I’ll always love most about Hannibal-LaGrange.

Do you have any tips to share with students interested in this field?

Immerse yourself in core classes right away to get a feel if your choice of major is really for you. If communication studies, or any other major, isn’t working out the way you thought, you’ll still have plenty of time to change course and find something you are more passionate about. Communication studies was the right fit for me, but I quickly discovered that media communication was the wrong path. Fortunately, I made the change to public relations without any stress.

What are some of your favorite HLGU memories?

Oh man… where to start? A lot of my favorite memories include Kris Kuenzle making a fool of himself at fast food restaurants. But I also have a lot of fond memories running cross country and creating fun with friends – pet wars on MySpace, bike races on the nature trail, pulling pranks, creating short films, and so on. Twice serving on a missions team to Las Vegas and being mistaken as a junior high student while working, as a senior, at a DNow are fun to look back on, too.

What on-campus activities were you involved in at HLGU?

Cross Country, FCA, School Newspaper

What is one thing you know now that you wish you’d known when you started in the field?

Experience, experience, experience. This really pertains to all fields. Take advantage of any opportunity to gain experience in your field of study. It’s great to sit in a classroom and learn the ins-and-outs of whatever subject matter your field of study contains, but nothing tops an educational experience. These experiences allow you to make mistakes, learn from them and then improve yourself before ever entering the workforce. It’s something I wish I would have taken more advantage of while in college.